Interview with Mike Kepko From Civil Youth

Mike Kepko is the front-man in the band Civil Youth that is based out of Philadelphia, PA. Recently they won “battle of the bands” type contests that led them to open up for Radio 104.5’s 9th birthday bash in June of 2016, and they were set to open for the pop-punk group Blink-182 and their tour mates of the time, but the show was cancelled due to the timing of an incoming hurricane. Since their first show in March 2015 the band and their following has grown tremendously and is still on the rise with the anticipation of their next album to drop in the year to come.

Though that is information that can be found anywhere, in the interview I question him about his road to becoming a musician, which most usually don’t know about.

What High School did you go to, and what year did you graduate?

I went to Neshaminy High School and graduated in 2012.

In high school where did you see yourself in the future?

I saw myself as a drummer in a touring band, but then nearly gave up the dream when I was in college because of my anxiety with “change”.

Why were you interested in music, and was that always what you wanted to do?

Drumming was always my outlet and it just made me happy. No other reason honestly. Until college when I almost stopped music, but then I bought a one way ticket which lead me into piano and writing music and singing.

If you hadn’t gone into music what would you have done?

I never thought about anything other than music. I know that’s cliche but I didn’t see myself doing anything else.

Would you have enjoyed doing your other options as much as music?

I honestly probably would’ve killed myself if I didn’t do music which is why it’s so fragile to me.

What made you want to go into music?

I have always just enjoyed listening to music. Growing up with my dad showing me Rush, The Cars, Genesis, and bands like that, it’s just always been there for me.

Did you go to college?

I went to Berklee College of Music, for Professional Music with my focus in Drum Set, but dropped out after 2 years to pursue my career as a front man.

In high school were you involved in music/what other activities did you do?

At the beginning of high school I was getting out of my soccer phase and started the drums outside of school. I then took symphonic band and other music courses in my high school. It got to the point where I was failing my classes to skip and practice drums set in a secret drum room my one teacher let me sneak off to practice in.

What could have stopped you from going into music?

I think anxiety would’ve been my only way of stopping which now is what drives me the most.

Was your family supportive of your choice for going into music?

They were always supportive of me, even with me dropping out to tour. They see the vision, like the rest of the ¥outh.


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